The utility token of Pomerium can be earnd through games.

Token Information

Token Name: Pomerium utility token

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 PMR

Contract: 0x1dC5779ed65BCc1F0A42d654444FB0Ce59D7783b

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PMR is Pomerium’s utility token used in the entire Pomerium ecosystem across all “Pome” series games.

  1. Pome Run, a highly engaging game, provides players with an immersive experience as they take on the role of Pome, the protagonist, and embark on a challenging journey to escape Earth via a spacecraft. As users progress, they earn GP (Game Points), which can be exchanged for PMR (Pomerium’s utility token) via Pomerium Swap that is currently undergoing maintenance.

  2. Pome Survival is a game-changer, establishing a new standard with its revolutionary bi-directional swap system on Pomerium. Users can trade PMR for Power Pack - a critical game resource for synthesising “Companion Pet NFT”s; enhancing items; and more. The advanced Companion Pet NFTs and items provide users an edge over increasingly challenging bosses at each stage, thus earning more Power Packs. The acquired Power Packs can be converted back to PMR via Pomerium Swap. As players advance and reach higher levels, synthesising “Companion Pet NFT”s becomes increasingly challenging due to the exponential increase in required Power Packs. However, “Companion Pet NFT”s are a valuable asset with a wide range of applications beyond Pome Survival.

  3. Pome Rumble, an upcoming game title, can justify the reasons why the aforementioned “Companion Pet NFT”s must be synthetised to higher levels. The higher the level of the “Companion Pet NFT”s, the greater their impact on Pome Rumble. By participating in the ranking and dispatch systems, users can earn Space Stone, the in-game currency that can be exchanged for PMR on the Pomerium swap. This unique system elevates the gaming experience beyond traditional P2E games, creating an exciting opportunity for players to engage in the ecosystem where value can be created and exchanged.

Pomerium aims to create an innovative gaming ecosystem that rewards user participation and drives value creation via its advanced blockchain technology.

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