๐ŸงกAbout Pomerium

Get on board the Pomerium spaceship that connects all games in the universe to Web 3!

Pomerium Overview

  • Pomerium is a Web3 game studio building a sustainable token ecosystem based on $PMG and $PMR.

  • Pomerium is aiming to provide solutions to connect Web2 games into the Web3 world by creating original content with Pomeranian-based characters as well as producing original Pomeranian-based games.

Market Strategy

  • Albeit many games are still being released for PC and console game markets, the rapidly growing mobile game market has already surpassed the market shares of both PC and console games to become the mainstream of the gaming industry.

  • Nevertheless, most of the current Web3 games have been or are planning to be released for PC.

  • It is worth to note that the amount of money spent in the app market exceeds hundreds of billion dollars globally every year, and the trend is continuing to increase.

What We do

  • Pomerium is developing products to connect web2 and web3 games.

  • NFTs and wallets like Metamask used in web3 games may be quite unfamiliar to gamers in the traditional game market. However, Pomerium believes that providing gamers with the most familiar device environment as well as gaming UX is the best way to make web3 games more popular to users.

  • Pomerium is aiming to provide solutions to onboard web2 games into web3 without any code; first-party DEX and auction; and original game data security protocol linked on-chain <-> off-chain.

  • Pomerium is aiming to break down boundaries between web2 and web3, enabling web2 gamers to easily access to web3 games. While Continuing its efforts to develop games to attract web3 users into web2 games, Pomerium ultimately aims to become a web3 multigame hub.

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