Pomerium Ecosystem Token

Token Information

Token Name: Pomerium Ecosystem token

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 PMG

Contract: 0x0733618ab62eeec815f2d1739b7a50bf9e74d8a2

PMG Token Economy

Solution to Token Inflation.

Token inflation is a common issue for many X2E projects. When the number of tokens rewarded to users for certain actions increases, it can lead to inflation. Pomerium addresses this problem by issuing and operating the ecosystem token PMG, which supports the ecosystem in addition to the utility token.

PMG can be viewed from two perspectives: acquisition and price increase.

Acquisition of PMG

Acquiring PMG is straightforward. Pomerium installs its game data verification system called Guardians on users' PCs and rewards them with PMG for validating Pomerium game data using their computing power. In order to ensure healthy and fair governance, Pomerium plans to allocate 35% of the total issuance of PMG for Guardians. In other words, the more you contribute to the Pomerium ecosystem, the more ecosystem tokens you can acquire.

Support for PMG

Pomerium aims to establish a virtuous cycle structure that will confidently increase the price of PMG on the market and the number of Guardians through the following methods:

  1. 1~3% of the sales of Guardians will be used to buy and burn PMG tokens on the market.

  2. 1~3% of the commissions from Pomerium swaps as well as NFT sales will be used to purchase and burn PMG tokens.

  3. Third-party Web2 games that participate in the Pomerium ecosystem must purchase PMG when using Pomeriumโ€™s services including swaps, minting, Guardians verification systems, etc.

Contracts for these three revenue streams are scheduled to be publicly disclosed, and Pomerium plans to publicly announce PMG burns every quarter.

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