๐Ÿ“šPomerium Saga

Pome Run

In the year 20xx, humans and dogs lived together peacefully on Earth until a catastrophic event occurred. An asteroid collision caused destruction and imminent doom for all living beings on the planet.

However, an entrepreneur named Melon Musk had been planning a Mars terraforming project for a long time and announced it as the only hope for humanity to survive. He boarded his spacecraft, Space Y, with only his beloved pet dog and left Earth. Many dogs were left behind, feeling hopeless and abandoned, but a Pomeranian named โ€˜Pomeโ€™ refused to give up.

Pome rallied all the other dogs and led them on a desperate escape mission called "Pomerun" to get off the planet.

Pome Survival

Pome and his friends finally discovered a spaceship that they were able to board and began their journey to escape Earth.

However, they soon collided with debris from an asteroid, causing their rocket to crash land on an unknown planet. They met a mysterious astronaut inamed โ€˜Riumโ€™, who revealed shocking secrets about the planet and led them on a new journey, which would later be known as "Pome Survival."

Pome Rumble

So, Pome and friends, along with Rium's heroic efforts, manage to save the planet from certain doom. But they still have some unanswered questions and are looking for a new home. so they head back to Mars. Little did they know, a bigger storm of fate was waiting for them there with โ€œthe encounter of the Guardians" and the epic "Pome Rumbleโ€.

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