Introduction to Swap

Swap is an app developed by Pomerium that allows you to exchange web2 game currencies for web3 tokens.

How to Use Swap

To use Swap, follow these steps:

1. Create a Pomerium account

2. Connect to your Pomerium account

3. Use Swap to exchange game currency for tokens or tokens for game currency

  • Note that only Pomerium users who hold PMR or PP/SPS can use Pomerium Swap

  • The daily limit for swap is determined by the tier of the NFT held

  • There is no restriction on the number of swaps within the daily limit

  • PP/SPS โ†’ $PMR swap: $PMR can be claimed at 1:00am UTC 3-5 days after the request

Pome Survival

  • The exchange rate of Pome Survival is calculated based on the AMM formula

Pome Rumble

  • The exchange rate of Pome Rumble is calculated based on the AMM formula

Exchange Fees

  1. PP/SPS โ†’ $PMR

    • 1% PMR per transaction + $2 worth PMG

  2. $PMR โ†’ PP/SPS

    • $2 worth PMG

    • Please keep in mind that the actual amount displayed may have errors due to Price Impact and Slippage

    • $PMG used as a swap fee is utilised for token burning and DEX liquidity supply

Withdrawal Limit

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