What are Guardians?

Pomerium Guardians play a crucial role in stabilizing the economic ecosystem of Pomerium.

Incidents such as hacking and rug pulls in DeFi and NFT markets continue to occur.

These frequent hacking incidents in bridges and DEXs have resulted in significant losses to investors and the market, which highlights the importance of trust and stability in the products.

To address these issues and improve platform economic stability and trust, the Guardians were created. Pomerium Guardians detect and block abnormal transactions caused by data tampering, vulnerability attacks, and other issues that occur in first-party products offered by the platform, such as Swap and PomeBox.

In order to create abnormal transactions by manipulating data, anonymous attackers would have to tamper with all the data ledgers held by the numerous Guardians, which is highly difficult, thereby increasing the platform's stability.

What do Guardians do?

1. Data Verification

Guardians process and verify Off-Chain data used in games into reliable On-Chain data through verification activities.

Although not all data in Web3 games is processed on the blockchain to improve the game's UX, the Off-Chain data risk is offset by Guardians.

2. Middleware System Construction

Pomerium Guardians play the role of Web3 gaming middleware and onboard Web2 games to Web3.

Guardians make blockchain network interaction, game tokenization, and exchange, which are the most difficult aspects of transitioning to Web 3 games, possible.

3. Verification Activity Rewards

Validators operating Guardians receive PMG as a reward for improving the stability of the Pomerium platform, verifying the integrity of game data, and performing activities.

As users of Pomerium's Web3 games use the service, the revenue and fees generated are regularly bought back and burned as part of PMG's value support policy, resulting in a gradual decrease in the total number of PMG in circulation.

Therefore, the liquidified PMG distributed through the operating Guardians will increase in value scarcity as the platform expands.

The Vision of Guardians

As the management of assets in Web3 games has become a topic of discussion, other Web3 games, excluding Pomerium, also need to establish similar functional systems to Guardians.

Pomerium expects Guardians will exist as a representative Off-Chain data verification solution, expanding Guardians into the B2B area of other Web3 games.

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