Pome Run

Welcome To Pome Run

PomeRun is the very first official project of Pomerium, which is a speed-oriented casual running game.

In the game, players need to avoid obstacles while collecting PMR tokens as rewards.

These tokens can be used for various services provided by Pomerium.


A peaceful Earth where dogs and humans live together suddenly struck by a meteorite...

In the moment of crisis, everyone despairs. But our great Pomeranian dog, โ€˜Pomeโ€™, tries to escape the Earth without losing hope.

Will Pome be able to board the spaceship created by the famous entrepreneur Melon Musk and arrive to Mars safely?

Check out the more detail story with our animation series :


PomeRun, as the first official project of Pomerium, provided valuable data and insights to the team in terms of market strategy and user feedback.

This data measuring role allowed Pomerium to make informed decisions and take a strategic approach to future projects and developments.

Our market strategy had a consistent direction of fast release โ†’ feedback reception โ†’ better killer content development. In line with this, the first project launched in May 2022 was Pome Run.

During the approximately five months of operating PomeRun, we were able to obtain significant data. The results are as follows:

One of the representative strategic insights we gained was the potential change in the purpose of Pomerium's NFT usage.

Before PomeRun, our NFT direction was a narrow-minded approach as a participation ticket for game services. However, after receiving market feedback through PomeRun, we concluded that upgrading NFTs to tools that interact within games would be more valuable.

This is similar to how Stepen initially gave crypto currency traders NFT shoes and led them to M2E. PomeRun provided an opportunity to further enhance the importance of NFTs in Pomerium's next content, 'Pome Survival'.

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