Pome Rumble

Welcome to Pome Rumble!

Pome Rumble is a puzzle-based RPG game where players collect and grow their characters to defeat various enemies and explore an unknown planet.

Within Pome Rumble, players can enhance and strengthen their characters through various adventures.

In addition, players can acquire โ€˜Space Stones' more efficiently and create NFTs to sell by exchanging them with PMR tokens.


Pome & friends were traveling through space towards Mars when their spaceship ran out of fuel.

They landed on a nearby planet with abundant energy to recharge their spaceship.

However, they encountered the Ketsian species, a race of intelligent beings who were struggling due to the aggressive wild animals on their planet.

In need of energy, Pome and his friends asked for the Ketsians' help, but they explained their difficulties and requested assistance in dealing with the wild animals.

Pome and his friends agreed to help and in return, the Ketsians provided weapons and soldiers to aid their mission.

Now Pome and friends & Ketsians need to overcome the obstacles together!

Space Stones

Space stone is a valuable resource that can be obtained on planets in PomeRumble.

You can acquire it and exchange it for PMR tokens.

The amount of space stone you can obtain increases as you venture into deeper and more dangerous areas of the planets.

To do so, you need to collect even more valuable resources and strengthen your units.

The units you develop can be turned into NFTs and traded with other players.

More Utility!

In contrast to the previous installment, Pome Survival, where only one character could be used, in Pome Rumble both dogs and the Ketsian species can participate in combat.

However, since only dogs have the ability to detect space stones, they are the only species that can acquire them. To explore, teams of three units must be formed, and the Ketsians will serve as reliable allies to help the dogs obtain space stones!

Join The Puzzle Battles

In this game, battles are carried out using a three-matching puzzle system.

Your opponents will attack you with various patterns, so you must take every move strategically to overcome.

Powerful bosses will also create obstacles on the puzzle board.

But don't worry! Pomeranians and Cartesians have powerful and excellent skills to help you in battle.

Get ready to the random stages

To provide a more diverse and exciting experience, Pome Rumble has decided not to offer the typical style of exploration.

The exploration areas in Pome Rumble are randomly generated, and you can choose from several areas to play.

If you find some stages to be too difficult, try generating stages randomly again!

More challenge modes

Pome Rumble offers various challenge modes for players to enjoy.

In the diverse challenge modes, players can obtain additional space stones or rich growth resources. In addition, there is a "Boss Mode" where players can exclusively challenge the powerful bosses they have encountered during their exploration and earn appropriate rewards.

However, players should not let their guard down! As the name suggests, the challenge modes will not be easy, and the enemies will be more difficult to beat.

Achieve countless benefits

The Cartesian village is always bustling. They farm and trade various goods, always keeping busy!

For the adventurers visiting the planet, they prepare valuable and new resources such as food. Food is the most important resource for both species to grow, so don't forget to come and get it frequently.

Oh! And make sure to visit the market often. Sometimes they have "space stones" available.

To be contiuned

Pome Rumble is planning to try various attempts as a puzzle RPG.

We are considering various attempts, from roguelikes like the previous Pome Survival to competitive content.

We look forward to your continued interest!

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