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Guardians (Pomerium’s Data Verification Protocol)

  • Pomerium Guardians is a data verification protocol that verifies all activities for web3 services operating in the Pomerium ecosystem.

  • Examples of verification as follows:

A. Off-chain game data verification

  • Despite being a Web3 game, all game data is not stored on-chain. Some of the content may be difficult to disclose on the public chain, and most of the data is processed off-chain, except for essential data to maximise the user experience.

  • In this case, game players cannot supervise any occurrence of negligent management by the developer as well as operators.

  • Pomerium Guardians verifies game data that occurs off-chain.

B. On-Chain (Swap) Abnormal Transaction Detection and Verification

  • In order to compensate for the vulnerability of hacking that frequently occurs in DEX and multi-chain bridges, multiple guardians verify swap and bridge transaction history multiple times.


  • Swap is an off-chain-on-chain two-way swap that supports token swaps between game items generated from the off-chain database and $PMG and $PMR issued on-chain.

  • Swap processes all transactions for game currency produced in Pomerium-based games.

  • Transactions processed by Pomerium Swap are supervised by multiple validators through Guardians, aiming for transaction integrity and excellent security.


  • You can stake PMG(Pomerium Ecosystem Token) issued by the Pomerium blockchain network and earn additional rewards. Additionally, your participation in staking contributes to the security and stability of the Pomerium blockchain network.

  • As the total amount of staked PMG increases, the circulating supply of PMG in the market decreases, leading to a stable price for PMG.

Pomerium Web3 module (middleware)

Pomerium provides various web3 modules that can be quickly applied to convert already published web2 games into web3.

Anyone can convert any game into web3 using SDK and API provided by Pomerium.

  • Module 1

    • Web3 publishing and tokenisation support

      • Games already published based on web2 can be expanded from Pomerium to web3 games.

      • Game points, currency, and items already generated in the game can be issued to the blockchain network as FT and NFT.

      • The conversion to web3 can be simply done using only accounts linked to the game, without any requirement for separately embed wallet in games made with web/app.

  • Module 2

    • Swift platform development

      • Even a single web2 game can be converted into the web3 game platform.

      • Developers can concentrate traffic on first-party services using modules such as independent NFT markets, and it is easy to expand services to multi-chains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and AVAX using multi-chain bridges.

      • Web2 games, operated as a single game, can be expanded to the web3 platform by adding necessary functions with the provided SDK and API, even if there is no development manpower for Web3.

  • Module 3

    • Improved security through multiple validators

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