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The gravity in the gaming industry is heading toward mobile sector

  • Microsoft's Xbox launched the Xbox Game Pass to enable users to enjoy the Xbox anywhere, even without a console or PC, and make them consider themselves as member of the Xbox community.

  • Apple's Apple Arcade is a service used on all Apple devices owned by arcade subscribers, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

  • Microsoft and Apple have expanded their gaming content to the mobile sector, so that they are no longer restricted by the factor of โ€œspace.โ€ Gamers are decreasingly using PCs in front of their desks, but those PC games can now be enjoyed anywhere.

  • On the other hand, while mobile games are also gradually increasing in the web3 sector, given the blockchain infrastructure mainly formed by PC users, the progression of the web3 mobile games is moving slightly different from the traditional gaming market.

Casual games take up the most portion in the mobile game sector

  • Casual games recorded the second greatest number of downloads in the overall app market in 2022 and the highest in the gaming sector. As the user distribution is much more diverse compared to any other gaming genre, casual games have the most potential to attract web2 users into web3 regardless of nationality, gender, and age.

Strength of Pomerium games

  • As Pomerium is mobile device-oriented, diverse users can easily enjoy its games regardless of web2 or web3.

  • Given the advantage of much shorter development duration compared to PC and AAA games, Pomerium can quickly release many games in a short period while building its own ecosystem with $PMG and $PMR.

  • Detailed on $PMG and $PMR can be found via

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