Pomerium Ecosystem

The Pomerium ecosystem is segmented into two distinct components:

  • Pome Gaming

    Pomerium is a Web3 gaming platform that has been developed based on approximately 40 different canine character IPs, including the popular Pomeranian breed, as well as various animation stories. The platform is anchored by its utility token PMR, and is currently overseeing the successful launch and operation of two games.

  • Pomerium Governance

    Pomerium Governance has become a driving force behind the circulation and governance of its governance token, PMG via implementation of "Guardians," - Pomeriumโ€™s game data verification system.

    In Phase 0, Pome Governance is continuously working on increasing the number of active Guardians to further renhance credibility as well as integrity of game data.

Pomerium Ecosystem Virtuous Cycle Structure

The Pomerium ecosystem has been engineered with a self-sustaining structure that effectively blends capabilities of both Guardians and gaming to achieve the virtuous cycle structure.

Pomerium Guardians primarily aim to increase the number of game users through targeted marketing initiatives that leverage sales revenue. At the same time, they aim to enhance the integrity of game data by expanding the number of Guardians in operation.

As the user base expands, the ecosystem volume grows, generating more revenue via NFT fees and swap fees. A large portion of earnings generated will be reinvested into the market to secure liquidity of PMG tokens. Thus, a self-sustaining cycle has been designed to foster demand for PMG, leading to more Guardians being purchased, resulting in a steady rise in PMG price.

Business Model

  1. Benefits of Pomerium's Infrastructure Tool

    Through gameplay, gamers are able to earn in-game currency which can be exchanged for utility token PMR via Pomerium Swap, with a corresponding Swap Fee levied.

  2. Guardians

    • Guardians Sales Guardians have a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the Pomerium ecosystem. They can be purchased from the official Pomerium website. A portion of the revenue from Guardians sales will be allocated towards their continued development and enhancing the liquidity of PMG tokens.

    • PMG Ecosystem PMG Distribution: 35% of the total PMG supply has been allocated for Guardians operators, who can acquire the tokens by running Guardians on their personal computers to validate game data. The remaining 65% will be distributed according to a pre-defined token allocation plan. For more information about PMG, please visit this link.

  3. Pomerium NFT Creator Fee

    Pomerium is currently servicing two games, with a plan to operate a total of four games by next year. All of these games, including those to be launched in the future, will use a single NFT. To ensure sufficient liquidity for the NFTs, we have designed the balances of the NFTs used in each game differently. Gamers have varying preferences for genres and must strategically utilise NFTs based on each game's strategy. As a result, liquidity for NFTs is expected to increase, generating significant commission revenue.

  4. In-App Purchase

    As part of its goal to onboard Web2 users to Web3, Pomerium has incorporated in-app purchases to improve the retention of Web2 users. Pomerium has designed games to allow users to enjoy while not disrupting the game's token ecosystem.

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