About DogePome


  • DogePome was initiated by passionate supporters of the Doge community within the Pomerium team.
  • Those Doge supporters were like fearless warriors, and we were captivated by their spirit. While they are still fascinated by Doge, the supporters have decided to expand Pomerium with those warriors.
  • Pomerium has always applied various memes to its content and universe.
  • Based on the original IP, Pomerium aims to change the perception of Web3 in the community beyond memes through Pomerium games and memes.
  • Join DogePome if you want to be a part of our revolution. We are always waiting for you.

About DogePome

  • DogePome is a community with meme elements that make it easy for users who are still unfamiliar with Web3 to access Pomerium's games and Web3 services.
  • While Pomerium onboards Web2 games to Web3 and provides enjoyment through games, DogePome provides energy with solid Doge and cute Pome, taking a break from Crypto.
  • Pomerium has shown a community that can break away from the somewhat rigid Web3 by incorporating memes including Doge and Shiba into original animations.
  • Pomerium, which had been focused only on Web3 games, will contribute to Web3 onboarding through DogePome by utilizing the original IP to traverse online and offline environments.

Meme games

Enjoy meme games featuring familiar characters such as Doge, Elon Musk, and Changpeng Zhao! You can also share the games with your friends and enjoy them together. If you achieve high scores, you may receive PME as a reward!
  • Space Sword - Defeat enemies with the Jedi Master on a planet dominated by Governor Elon Musk!
  • To the Space X - Help Elon Musk evacuate many people from the dangerous Earth to Space X and escape to Mars!
  • Flappy Pome - It's a simple jumping game but it's not easy at all!
  • Space Quest - Defeat enemies in space with the adorable Pome! Elon and Doge will help you in moments of crisis!
  • The Lord of The Coins - Embark on an adventure with Doge to find the best coins!

More games coming soon!